A través del espejo

by Federico Durand



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12k is happy to present the debut release on the label from Argentinian composer Federico Durand who has had a series of amazing releases on labels such as Spekk, Own, and Desire Path. Federico and 12k crossed paths on a tour of Japan together in 2014 where the personal friendships among the artists and the label are such a part of what 12k is about. Sharing music and ideas throughout the tour led to an invite to make an album.

It’s no accident that Federico’s music has a dusty air of nostalgia surrounding it. It has always been a very personal affair. Songs inspired family, local life and the world around him are woven by hand with a selection of very physical instruments. He works like a craftsman, piecing together fragments of sound from cassette recorders, small instruments and loopers and creates music that’s as softspoken as he is. No pretenses, no disguises, just the most honest and down-to-earth music that can be made. Broken melodies spinning from tape reels, the sounds of bells and small found objects being played with care... The music is as beautiful as it is introspective, like a small window of antique glass looking right into Federico’s soul.

In his own words:

“A través del espejo in Spanish means “Through the mirror”. I am fascinated with the experience of putting a mirror in front of another: as a miracle, the image turns in a loop that flows into infinity. Loops in the mirror get less clear with each repetition, the color becomes diffuse and greener. When these loops turn into a lullaby we can enter the other side of the mirror: a place of delight and insight.

I always make simple melodies as they are born free. In many pieces, I use cassette recorders as an instrument that play friendly with others such as piano, lyre, toys, bells or effects. I enjoy the possibilities of cutting tape and making loops, reversing, and even using many tape recorders at the same time making air recordings of the sound. The Roland Space Echo or 2880, which are loop-machines themselves, match perfectly with this way of working.

When I see an emboridery I enjoy both the front and back where a mysterious, invisible world suddenly appears. For this reason, I am grateful to the natural sounds made by the machines, the crackle of loops and other sounds that appear while working, as an unexpected gift.

A través del espejo is a dream of beauty, a love of handcrafted music.”

- Federico Durand


released January 8, 2016

Federico Durand - Small melodies & handcraft.

Instruments: Auris lyre hammered with a black pencil, synthesizer, piano, music boxes, Roland Space Echo, 2880, Mackie 402 VLZ4, Hokema, little objects, crystal cups bowed with a penknife, Koshi chime, Fostex X-18, contact microphone, minidisc, Sony TCM-200DV, owl of wood, tape-loops, scissor and masking tape.

Recorded in La Cumbre, Argentina.

Andrew Chalk plays synthesizer on “Mirador en la montaña”.

“El grillo de nácar” has a small fragment of a live session with Takashi Tsuda in Ftarri (Tokyo) recorded on an answering-machine cassette.



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Federico Durand La Cumbre, Argentina

La tarde me dijo un secreto.

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