by Federico Durand

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Ferdinand Barthel
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Ferdinand Barthel A warm and cosy blanket of sounds, dreams for a summer evening, a wunderful little masterpiece. Favorite track: Niebla, montaña, pinos.
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Dotflac This diptych by Federico Durand could be one of these music samples describing the best "optimism".

32 minutes of radiant atmospheres made of reverberating voices, distant piano, unclear guitars... The simplicity of the music, sounding dull and crackling, makes me think of oneiric sunny landscapes and green hills with trees on their top, slowly lulled by a warm wind from the south...

The kind of mesmerizing sonic loops that can brighten my day when I need to.

Dreams in stereo. Favorite track: Niebla, montaña, pinos.
folk reels
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folk reels I love everything Federico creates, but there is something about the album and in particular 'Adormidera' that just resonates so deeply. It is the perfect soundtrack as the family sit by the lake as the sun sets, and the stars come out. To my ears, a classic piece of ambience, full of old soul and wide-eyed vision. Thank you Fede. Favorite track: Adormidera.
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Dajazzman Just love this track! It transports you, so peaceful and serene, a perfect moment, ambient, music. Favorite track: Adormidera.


2nd. edition :

Federico Durand : Adormidera
Label : Dauw (Ghent, Belgium)
Release date : November 22th. 2014
Format : Cassette-tape + Original silkscreen.
Edition : 50 copies.
Artwork by Femke.

"Adormidera” is the Spanish word for poppy flower. This tape, originally released as a very limited tour souvenir, has two long pieces crafted with circular melodies. 70's and 80's cassette tapes were used during the recordings.

The first piece "Niebla, montaña, pinos" is a transcription of a dream where a choir of girls sung to celebrate the harvest. I made it with very lo-fi recordings from Youtube.

The second piece is "Adormidera” in which I also used layers of voices, acoustic guitar and piano.

“Fled is that music:—Do I wake or sleep?” - John Keats

This cassette-tape is sold out.


1st. edition :

Federico Durand : Adormidera
Label : Pudú (Argentina) + SNPB (Brazil)
Cat. No : Pudú 1
Release date : April 23th. 2012
Format : Cassette-tape + Original silkscreen signed by artists.
Edition : 50 copies.
Artwork by Gustavo Gialuca.

Melodies recorded with a 4 tracks Fostex X-18 and almost destroyed cassette-tapes from 70's. Analogue and poetic sounds. "Adormidera" (Poppy) was a very limited souvenir for my European Tour 2012. It is a collaboration between my friends from São Paulo label, Si No Puedo Bailar No Es Mi Revolución, and Pudú, my brand new little press.

This cassette-tape is sold out.


released October 20, 2014


all rights reserved



Federico Durand La Cumbre, Argentina

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